Raiders News · 2021 Raider Baseball Season Pass Information

Our Raider Baseball program will offer a Season Pass to avoid online service fees for our parents and fans. 

The Raider Season Pass is only good for Laurens 55 Baseball Home Games! 

Each pass will be in a punch card format. Your card will be punched each time you enter a home game. You are allowed to use your card for multiple people to enter, but your card will be punched for each person.

Once you have exhausted the number of punches on your card, that card is no longer valid and you must purchase tickets online.

$80.00 Season Pass 

  • This pass will admit 1 person into 17 home games that will cover C Team, JV, and Varsity games or 2 people into 8 games of choice.

$50.00 Season Pass 

  • This pass will admit 1 person entry into 11 home events or 2 people into 6 home games.

Varsity – 11 home games (online cost = $71.50)

JV – 9 home games (online cost = $58.50)

CTeam – 6 home games ( online cost = $39.00)

District 55 employees will be admitted free with a valid school ID as well as Century Club pass holders.

To purchase a Baseball Season Pass please contact: FikishaPatterson,(,864-984-8125 ext.3 or Erin Patterson (