Raiders News · LDHS Alumnus Returns to Alma Mater

Laurens County School District 55 enjoys seeing applications from Alumni when it is hiring season. Especially when an Alumnus has already been making an impact outside of the classroom. Laurens District High School Alumnus Michaela Smith (Class of 2015) served as the Varsity Head Softball Coach in 2018-2019, and she hit the ground running in her inaugural season with a record of 10 wins and 4 losses in the region. In 2019-2020, Smith will be joining the science department at LDHS while continuing her work with the softball program.

While she was in high school, Smith was very involved in many clubs and organizations. She was a member of the Varsity Softball team, the cross country team, yearbook, Beta Club, and National Honor Society. Smith began playing on the Varsity Softball team in the eighth grade and continued to play throughout high school. Smith says her time on the softball team was the most memorable because she was on the first softball team to ever win a back to back region championship. “We had worked so hard, and that was a big moment to be a part of the program and part of making history at Laurens High School. Coach (Butch) Clark was my favorite coach in high school,” she added. Smith noted that Clark had significantly influenced her life since the 5th grade.

Along with playing sports, she also really enjoyed academics in school. She said that many of her teachers, including Mrs. Spires and Mrs. Washam, inspired her. Smith talked about how much she enjoyed getting to know her teachers and that they were always there for her when she needed extra help or someone with whom to talk.

In May 2019, Smith graduated from Anderson University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, and upon the completion of the Program of Alternative Certification for Educators (PACE), she plans to go back and get her Master’s Degree. “I am very excited to be at the high school teaching and especially teaching Biology. I really enjoy the material, and it’s relevance to life,” she stated. “I am especially excited to be at the high school teaching after coaching this past year and getting to know many of the students and staff,” she added. Smith said that she is looking forward to working with many of the staff members that she admired as a student four years ago as well as some of the staff that she has gotten to know this past year.

“Words do not describe how thrilled I am to be back at my alma mater teaching and coaching and getting to give back to the students and to the community from which I came,” Smith said. Laurens District 55 High School students and teachers are very excited to have such wonderful alumnae return to begin teaching and continue her coaching career at LDHS.