Raiders News · LDHS Youth Baseball Summer Camp Helps Build the Foundation 

The part of a building that matters the most is the foundation. If a building doesn’t have a strong foundation, it will most likely crumble under the weight or pressure of the task at hand. Laurens District High School (LDHS) hosted a youth summer baseball camp so that they could strengthen these foundations for youth baseball players.

The youth baseball camp had a tremendous turn out of thirty-five (35) campers. On the first day, the campers went over things like the proper technique for hitting, catching, and throwing. Over the next few days, campers advanced as they learned to field a ground ball, read the field efficiently when chasing a fly ball and gained situational knowledge of the game. 

Varsity head baseball coach Tori Patterson is familiar with the importance of fundamentals and commitment to the game, as he was a six-year varsity starter for the Raiders before graduating from LDHS in 2010 to play baseball at Florence Darlington Tech and then at Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia. Patterson still holds the record at LDHS for most consecutive starts. 

In an interview with Patterson regarding the camp, he said, “We covered everything you can think of regarding baseball in just four days. We did not waste any time, and the campers seemed to have a lot of fun learning the game.” Patterson added, “Baseball has always been my life, and I’ve done it my whole life; which is why I want to be very involved with our youth players. At some point, these youth campers will become Raiders, so I love the chance to get to influence and teach them some things while they’re still young.”  

Coach Patterson and his staff weren’t alone in their efforts, joining them were LDHS baseball players Zach Faulkner and Jaylen Nance.