Raiders News · Free Camp for Ages 8 – 18

Laurens District High School is hosting a free camp for ages 8-18 on Saturday, July 14, at K.C. Hanna Stadium from 9:00 – 11:30 AM.

The camp is sponsored by Bigger Than Sports, South Carolina (BTSSC). The organization was founded by Greenwood native Jay Spearman. Raider Football Head Coach Chris Liner and ex-South Carolina great Marcus Lattimore both serve on the Board of BTSSC. The stated purpose of BTSSC is to equip student athletes by expanding their minds and assisting them with finding the purpose for their passions, through life, beyond athletics.

“We believe that individuals who consistently seek and apply their passions and purpose are preparing to be a positive contribution to the world in which we live in,” says the BTSSC website (

Camp Participation

In order for us to create authentic relationships with community leaders and students, BTSSC will offer a free Faith Agility Movement & Speed (FAMS) camp to serve the students of the community. Camp Details are as follows:

Date: July, 14th, 2018,

Time: 9 AM-11:30 AM

Location: Laurens High School (5058 HWY 76 WEST LAURENS, SC 29360).

Participation Ages: 8 to 18 years old

Details: In order for students to participate, in the BTSSC camp, they must have a completed waiver on file. If the student is under the age of 18 a parent or guardian must sign the form before the student is eligible to participate in any activities involving BTSSC. Water and snacks will be provided on site for the students to enjoy.

Beyond contributing to the development of the students’ sports skills, the BTSSC camp is designed for the community to come together, and have fun. Our goal is for the students not only to learn camp specifics but we would like to share with the students our purpose for connecting with and serving them and how we plan to contribute to their development, in the near future.


The first section of the camp is our ministry based section. This section serves as our primary purpose for BTSSC. During this section of the camp, we will share our 4 principles of connecting, learning, teaching and serving. We will explain how we live our daily lives with these four principles being the way we serve others through our God given purpose.


The second section of the camp is agility based. Agility is defined as multi-directional and multi-speed movements that combine linear and lateral movements with a heavy emphasis on accelerating, decelerating and changing directions. Some of the specific drills that will be taught are: 20 yard short shuttle, 3 cone drill, and the 60 yard shuttle. As technical proficiency and relative coordination is improved, the individual will be allowed to progress to increased skilled movements.


The third section of the camp is movement based. As part of the movement portion of the camp, the primary movement category is the dynamic warm-up. The dynamic warm up will serve as the first active component of the camp. During this time, the focus will be on movements that will allow the students to increase heart rate, improve joint range of motion, while preparing the students for performing the next phase of the camp.

The second component of the movement category will introduce the squat and the hinge. The squat and hinge are staple movements in the field of strength and conditioning. Because of this, the student will be taught the proper progressive mechanics to both movements as well as the application of the movements to their respective sport.

The third component of the movement category will introduce the plyometrics involved with sports participation. Plyometric training is designed to allow the body to utilize the muscles ability to stretch and contract by using a controlled rapid movement. Some of the plyometrics drills that will be taught are: the broad jump, vertical jump and leaps. During this portion of the camp, students will learn the proper progressive mechanics and the landing mechanics involved with each plyometric movement.


The fourth section of the camp is speed based. During this section the focus will be linear movements. Linear movements, within the program, are defined as forward movement patterns starting at one point and ending at another point, without any lateral change of direction. Some of the drills that will be taught here includes: 20 yard dash, 40 yard dash, and 60 yard dash. During this portion of the camp we will teach the progressive mechanics of sprinting and explain the importance of each drill as it applies to the respective sports.

The free camp begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 11:30.