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Raiders News · Need to Purchase a Gift or Goods?

Birthdays, anniversaries, household supplies, sporting goods — whatever you need — why not find the perfect gifts and goods and help our athletic programs at the same time. Go to our shop page to make your purchases from a wide variety of retailers! Every purchase you make will generate revenue for us. Even better, the prices you pay are discounted so you will save money, too.

Then, do us a favor, share this on your social media accounts to let friends and family know they have a simple way to help.
Every little bit helps us raise money for our athletes and our programs. All of our programs will have the opportunity to benefit from the proceeds generated by your shopping.

Again, here is how you can help:

  1. Click this link to visit the shop page
  2. Copy the web address of the page you are on (the shop page)
  3. Go to FacebookTwitterNextDoor, or any other social network, post a message, and paste the link there!

Thank you for your support of athletics in Laurens County School District 55.