Multiple Teams · You Can Make Us a Top Ten School!

We would like to show the world the level of support we receive from our community. One of the easiest ways to do that is with the number of page hits, or “reads” our athletic website gets each month.

Our website,, is brand new; but, it is a great way to measure fan and community support. So, if you see a story on Twitter (@ld55athletics) or on Facebook (Laurens 55 Athletics), please click on the link and go see the full story at In order to be a top 10 school on the Varsity News Network, we need more than 20,000 reads per month. I know we are getting a late start for October but this will be our first full reporting month. With some big stories ahead, we hope you will make our website a daily destination, share the information with all your friends and family, and continue to support LCSD 55 Athletics in the magnificent way you do. If you have pictures to share or story ideas to pitch, please contact Ed Murray at